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Controlled Environment Farming & Food Alliance

In a powerful collaboration, CEFFA and Croxall Foods are sowing the seeds of change in communities.

Join us as local farmers unite to cultivate sustainable practices, ensuring year-round, locally-sourced food production.
Together, we're redefining food security, one harvest at a time.

Image by Dan Gold


Local is in

Local Food Systems Integration

Foster collaborations to strengthen local food systems, emphasizing the integration of controlled environment farming and traditional farming practices.
Establish distribution networks that prioritize locally-sourced produce and aquaponically grown products from Croxall Farms.
Develop initiatives to educate and engage the community in supporting and benefiting from a resilient local food ecosystem.


A grow Culture

Community Education and Empowerment Croxall and CEFFA Implement educational programs on sustainable farming practices, including aquaponics, to empower local farmers with innovative techniques.
Conduct workshops, webinars, and outreach events to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable food choices and community-supported agriculture.
Promote food literacy initiatives to enhance community members' understanding of nutrition, seasonal eating, and the environmental impact of their food choices.


To Collaborate

Collaborate with local charities and organizations to address food security by contributing surplus produce to community food programs.
Together, we establish partnerships with government bodies and other non-profits to advocate for policies that support sustainable agriculture and food security.
Initiate community projects focused on developing resilient, year-round food production systems to enhance overall food security.

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