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Fresh Produce Delivery Wholesale Retail locations
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What's In it for me?

Well for your plants, we have an Elixir like no other.  Seriously no other product is like this.  How do we know?

Pack of Fish
Organic Home Garden

It All Starts Here

The Magic of Aquaponics starts with understanding water first.  Farming water for growing plants starts with Aquanure.

Clean Beach

Helping Aid Creation

Aquanure is created by sustaining aquatic life and bio available minerals,  through a unique process using NO pesticides, NO herbicides and nothing bad for your plants just organic goodness

Aquanure liquid fulvic and humic acids are created through the symbiotic relationship of Mother Nature.

Natural Chemistry

From A to Zinc

Natural organic chemistry is using carbon-containing compounds found in living organisms and the interactions among them. Aquanure focuses on the structures, reactions, and functions of these nutrients, vital to plant life and the environment.

Water Samples

Aquatic Life

Aquatic microbes are fascinating at sustaining life in water and acting as pillars in the plant biology created in soils


No other Ash like it!

Biochar and hardwood ash benefit gardens, soils, and plant biology, enhancing soil structure, water retention, and nutrient availability. Biochar is a stable carbon-rich material that improves soil fertility and microbial activity, Aquanure Fine Ash is pure hardwood ash and provides essential minerals that promote plant growth and balance soil pH.

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