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 Croxall Foods, welcomes a world where taste, nutrition  & sustainability come to EAT

This is where quality, nutrition, sustainability, and community harmonize. 

Organic Vegetables

How We are

Growing Communities through A-Grow-Culture

Croxall Farms Produce

With Croxall Farms Produce, our focus is on cultivating plant health, this ensures our produce is bursting with nutrition and flavor. Through rigorous testing and measurements, we guarantee freshness and quality, delivering products that provide consumers with real taste and nutrients in every bite. Experience the difference of real time fresh with Croxall Farms Produce.

Carters Catch

Carter's Catch excels in raising and breeding exquisite koi and cultivating various fish species including salmon, tilapia, arctic char, and prawns.  Carters aquatic's team is specialty trained ensuring safe, traceability of premium aquatic products. With a focus on quality and diversity, Carter's Catch leads the aquaculture industry, offering live fish and sustainable partnerships nationwide.


Aquanure harnesses Mother Nature's synergy in organic farming.  Merging aquaculture, hydroponics and soil farming together. Our farms produce nutrient-rich fish waste and humus during production while concurrently generating ingredients for Aquanure, a bio-elixir crafted from fish manure by expert nutrient scientists. This organic elixir encapsulates the essence of our sustainable practices, embodying the magic of nature in a bottle, fostering vibrant plant growth and vitality for all.

Premium Products

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